Sam Thigpen

Sam Thigpen- Founder, CEO

Sam Thigpen is a recognized business leader, entrepreneur, and highly regarded business startup and growth professional. Mr. Thigpen’s diverse background includes solo entrepreneurial ventures, private equity, and venture capital funded projects, as well as publicly sponsored startups. By drawing from this experience, he brings a remarkable focus on operational excellence to any organization with whom he is engaged.

As the founder and CEO of Thigpen Energy, and now Thigpen Solutions, his passion for paradigm shifting natural gas solutions has been instrumental in the development and execution of successful natural gas fueling strategies in the exploration and production (E&P) and pipeline/utility sectors.  As a result, Thigpen Energy is recognized as a top-tier service company in North America.

From the early beginnings of Thigpen energy Services in 2005, a focus on solutions-based services has been at the core of every business Mr. Thigpen has built and grown. His experience as founder of the original Thigpen Energy Services led to the formation of Thigpen Energy, TRF Energy Solutions, Chart Lifecycle, and most recently, Thigpen Solutions. As the founder and executive over each of these companies, Mr. Thigpen focused on first building a solid management team around him.

With over 20 years in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Thigpen spent his first seven years in operations, where he learned the intricate details inside the activities, giving him a first-hand perspective from which to base his decisions today. Truly understanding the operations, and the dynamics involved in providing a service gives him the unique ability to combine strategic and operational decision making into one.

By focusing on the “Why” of building a business, Mr. Thigpen has proven his focus on operational excellence directly results in the overall financial health of an organization. He delivers remarkable leadership, problem-solving, and insight into the organization. Throughout much of his career, he has focused on the development of startup and business management philosophies instrumental in the exponential growth and expansion of various companies. His primary focus continues to encompass a business philosophy whereby culture, team, and business development are paramount to success.

“A successful business is not simply defined by revenue and profitability. A truly successful business must also clearly cast a vision of WHY it exists, to begin with. Great success is achieved when foundationally strong culture and servant leadership are evident in every decision made.” -Sam Thigpen