About Us

Who We Are

Thigpen Solutions has a history steeped in the development of natural gas solutions as a primary source of energy for our customers. Founded in 2005, our primary goals were to deliver the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions, perform to the most exacting safety standards, and provide a culture that fostered our employee’s growth and development of work life balance.

Reorganized in 2012, Thigpen Energy became a leading natural gas fueling provider in the oilfield sectors. Working in many of the shale plays around North America, Thigpen gained notoriety in being a leader in displacing diesel by fueling drilling rigs and hydraulic fracturing pumps with natural gas. At the height of the boom in 2014, our Founder, Sam Thigpen, and his business partners seized the opportunity to sell Thigpen Energy to a private equity firm. Post close, Thigpen Energy became part of TRF Energy Solutions, a company focused on natural gas solutions using power generation and flare gas capture, in addition to the use of LNG, CNG, and field gas to displace diesel in frilling and completions. During the oil downturn, TRF was decoupled, and Thigpen Energy shifted its focus to providing natural gas solutions via virtual pipeline around the country. Using portable virtual pipeline solutions, Thigpen was able to solidify its standing as a leader in the use of CNG and LNG for pipeline integrity, and winter peaking services.

In 2017, through a financial partnership with BP Energy Partners, a Dallas, TX based private equity firm Thigpen Solutions was formed as a holding company to build a conglomerate natural gas solutions business both domestically, and globally. In 2018, Thigpen Solutions acquired Thigpen Energy, and the company’s founder, Sam Thigpen, resumed the role as CEO over the consolidated business. Today, Thigpen Solutions is comprised of our operating company, Thigpen Energy, and a transportation company, Thigpen Transportation. Thigpen Energy is the operating company providing the field service operations for all-natural gas solutions deployed around the world, and Thigpen Transportation provides LNG, CNG, and other oilfield transportation service in North America. Learn more about these industries by viewing our target markets page.

Our Management Team

As our management team is comprised of pioneers in the natural gas fueling solutions business. With decades of combined experience providing natural gas end-use solutions, our team is one the most experienced in the industry today.

Mission & Vision

To deliver the most comprehensive natural gas fueling solutions. A culture whereby mobile natural gas solutions are no longer an alternative, but a primary source of energy for our customers around the globe.